Improve returns on your consulting investment by up to 30%.

WhoKnowsAbout brings data and process to help you achieve the highest possible returns on your consulting investment

Here is how we do it:


Define Your Project Objectives and Investment Case

Strong project returns can only be achieved when you are clear on the project objectives and how external consultants can help you achieve these. We will help you define the objectives of the project and establish the ‘value case’ for investment in external support.

Establish Consultant Selection Criteria

What specific skills and expertise do the consultants need to bring to this project? What industry experience? What topic knowledge? How price sensitive are you? Are you prepared to work with smaller consultancies who have the required expertise, or do you need a ‘brand’? Do you need senior consultants who can work with your internal staff or are you looking to ‘outsource’ the project to an external consulting team? What location(s) do you need consulting support?

We will help you define the characteristics of the consultants who will make your project a success.

Provide Shortlist of Qualified Consultants

WhoKnowsAbout's Global Consultant Database is the world's most comprehensive and objective source of categorized management consultant expertise. We have ranked more than half a million consultants globally in each of 7,000 knowledge areas. To see our comprehensive company rankings click here.

We will provide you with a ranked list of recommended consultants – individuals and companies - who have the expertise you require. To request a sample report click here.


Conduct Detailed Review of Consultants' Capabilities

Further analysis is often required to reduce your shortlist of potential consultants to a targeted set of consultants from whom you want to receive a proposal. We will help you identify your preferred consultants. We can help you confirm their specific capabilities in the areas that are critical to your project, including reference checking and where, appropriate, online testing. This allows you to seek proposals from the consultants who you are confident have the capability to make your project a success.

Obtain and Evaluate Proposals

Your Request for Proposal should specify the critical information that will allow you to select between potential suppliers and the form that this information should be presented in order to facilitate comparison. We can provide a standard proposal format so that you can systematically compare the various responses.

We can support you to evaluate the various proposals in a structured way, including advice on the consultant’s proposed pricing and help you assess possible trade-offs between a consultant’s technical capability and cost.


Structure Contracting Arrangements

Consulting engagements should be structured so that the expectations are clear for both the consultants and the client. We can assist you to set up your project for success.

Monitor Project Progress and Deliverables

We can help you identify any "Early Warning Signs" for potential problems with your project and provide guidelines to help address the issues.

Get what you paid for and don’t pay for things you didn’t get. We can help with Project Quality Assurance to ensure you receive appropriate value for your consulting investment.

Administer Performance Fees

Where consultant fees are based on project success we will manage the process of Performance Rating, providing a solid foundation for ‘risk sharing’ between the client and the consultant.

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