Want to meet half a million consultants?

Get the WhoKnowsAbout Advantage

You probably know the capabilities of a small number of consultants.

We know more than half a million. How did we do it?

World’s Largest Detailed Database of Consultants

Our objective was simple: develop a detailed database of every consultant globally who provides corporate level management consulting services. Thousands of research hours later, analyzing company websites, presentations, publications, seminars and social media, we have built up detailed pictures of more than half a million individual consultants (and we are still extending the database).

Machine Learning Technology

Next, we assessed each consultant profile against each of 7,000 knowledge areas, examining industry experience and know-how in specific consulting topics. This was done through the application of sophisticated Machine Learning technology, leading to a proprietary scoring algorithm that reliably ranks expertise in each topic area.

Global Company Capability Profiles

From this strong base of individual consultant capability, we have developed global capability profiles for all the major firms. These have been developed ‘bottom–up’, rewarding those firms that have deep pools of expertise at a global scale. You can see the strengths (and weaknesses) in each of 30 aggregated categories for each of the top 1,000 global consulting companies by clicking the icon to the left.

To achieve better results, change the way you think about engaging management consultants

Here are three ideas that matter:

Have a strong Value Case

Buy consulting services only when facing internal capability bottlenecks – where the consultants can provide valuable specialised expertise.

Manage consulting “spend” as an investment. Require returns above your ‘hurdle rate’.

Find the Expertise You Need

The most common way to find a consultant is to ask a friend or colleague. Except they don’t know who is qualified either.

WhoKnowsAbout has assessed the specific capabilities of more than 500,000 individual consultants. Get the expertise you need to be successful.

It’s All About the Capabilities of the Consulting Team

Many buyers rely on the broad reputation of the consulting firm. Sorry, that doesn’t work.

About 10% of all projects are failures, not even covering their cost of the fees. Even the ‘best’ firms have their share of failures.

Make sure your team has the expertise required to make your project successful.

It's crucial what your consultant knows, not just who your consultant knows