WhoKnowsAbout - FAQ

1. What is WhoKnowsAbout's mission?
  • Corporations spend an estimated $250 billion annually on management consultants but this investment is often misdirected because of poor selection of consultants.

  • Our objective is to help corporations efficiently find the best consulting capabilities at the lowest possible price.

  • We are not biased towards any particular consulting companies; we have analysed the companies objectively using machine learning and algorithms to rank them. We aim only to help the corporation find the best possible match for their requirements.

2. On what basis do you recommend consultants?
  • We assemble extensive information about each consultant in our database, drawing on a wide range of public domain sources such as websites, publications and social media.

  • Using machine learning, we have developed a proprietary algorithm that scores each consultant against more than 7,000 specific knowledge areas.

  • We help clients identify the skills they require and then provide recommendations of the highest ranked consultants operating in their geographic area. The algorithm can also quickly score the technical capabilities of different teams that the client may be considering.

3. How big is the WhoKnowsAbout Management Consulting Network?
  • We currently have profiles of more than 500,000 consultants globally. These are drawn from more than 10,000 management consulting companies plus independent consultants. Our coverage extends from the largest global consultancies to small boutiques operating in local geographic markets.

  • We have an active ongoing research program to extend our coverage.

  • Consultants can also submit their details directly to us.

4. Do consultants pay to be included in the WhoKnowsAbout database?
  • We do not receive any fees from the consultants that we include in our database or whom we recommend to client organisations. We do not have 'preferred suppliers' and our analysis covers the capabilities of all consultants in the industry.

  • We work as advisors to the corporations and other organisations seeking to engage the services of management consultants. They pay us a fee, which varies according to the extent of our involvement in the process.

  • This means that our recommendations are objective, unbiased and sourced from the entire potential supply market.

5. What services do you offer?
  • Our distinctive capability is our global database of management consultants and our proprietary 'recommendation engine' which matches consultants with client requirements.

  • We also work with clients to help them formulate their consulting requirements, undertake detailed assessments of the shortlisted consultants, solicit and evaluate proposals from selected consultants and provide support to ensure that the consulting process meets all agreed project deliverables.

  • Clients have also used our technology to 'map' the internal capabilities of their staff and to identify potential recruits from outside the organisation.

6. Does WhoKnowsAbout provide management consulting services directly?
  • WhoKnowsAbout does not provide management consulting services (other than our advice on sourcing consultants and other applications of our technology). Rather, we help clients identify the consulting companies, teams and individuals who have the capabilities to best meet the client needs.

  • Generally, these consultants will contract with the client organisation directly. Where required, WhoKnowsAbout can become the 'prime contractor' managing all aspects of the consulting engagement on behalf of the client.

7. What does WhoKnowsAbout know about the management consulting industry?
  • The founders of WhoKnowsAbout have more than sixty years of combined experience in the management consulting industry. They have been senior partners in leading global consultancies as well as independent advisors to major international corporations. They have a deep understanding of the factors that are associated with successful consulting engagements; they also understand the internal workings of major consulting companies.

  • Beyond access to the WhoKnowsAbout data and scoring algorithm, clients engage us to get unbiased advice as to how to get the most value from their consulting investment.

8. How is WhoKnowsAbout different from other consulting sourcing platforms?
  • We are independent, objective and provide access to the full consulting industry capabilities.

  • Other platforms 'recruit' companies and individuals to their platform; as part of this the consultants agree to share a portion of their consulting fees with the platform. The platform will only recommend those consultants who have 'enrolled' and with whom they have a commercial agreement.

  • This means that, like consulting firms themselves, the platforms offer only a limited pool of expertise and do not have incentives to recommend from outside this.

  • By contrast, WhoKnowsAbout offers access to the full consulting industry from the largest global firms to local independents. We have no commercial relationship with the consultants or companies, so we can provide unbiased selection advice to our clients.

9. Who are your clients?
  • WhoKnowsAbout's clients include some of the world's largest, leading multinational companies.

10. When was WhoKnowsAbout founded?
  • WhoKnowsAbout was established in 2015 when the founders were asked to help a major international corporation identify consulting experts in a range of knowledge domains. We recognised the limitations of the current supply systems and decided to develop a comprehensive industry skill map to allow clients to better source the consulting expertise they required.

11. Where are your offices?
  • WhoKnowsAbout is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia but we are powered by a global team of researchers and technicians in the United States, United Kingdom, Japan, Central Europe and South Asia. Our infrastructure is provided by Amazon Web Services.

12. I am a consultant. How can I check if my profile is included?
  • We have more than 500,000 consultants in our database, so the odds are good that you will be included. However, to check, just send us an email with your name, company and location. You can include links to any web profiles and publications. Alternatively, please fill out this form and we will get back to you soon.

13. My question is not answered here. What can I do?

WhoKnowsAbout is the world’s largest management consulting marketplace.