Release of the WhoKnowsAbout site

Global competence ranking of management consulting companies

September 11, 2017 20:30

We are pleased to release the WhoKnowsAbout global competence ranking of Management Consulting companies.

These rankings build on our analysis of the skills and experience of more than 500,000 individual consultants to provide a quantitative assessment of the competence of nearly 1200 consulting companies[1] in each of 15 Industry and 15 Functional topic areas.

The overall top ranked company is Deloitte. It has the highest ranked competency in five Functional categories – ERP & CRM Systems, Financial & Risk Management, IT & Security Consulting, Marketing & Branding, Sales & Channel Management – and two Industry categories – Financial Services Sector and Healthcare Sector – providing an overall competency score of 87 (where 100 represents the leading company in each category). Its share of aggregate industry competence is 2.3%.

McKinsey & Company is ranked second with an overall competency score of 85, driven by best in class capabilities in six Industry categories.

Boston Consulting Group is ranked third, with a score of 80.

The top ten companies by overall rank are shown in Figure 1 below:

Figure 1 - Competence Ranking: Global Management Consulting Companies

Table 1 below shows the leading company in each Industry and Functional Category.

Table 1 - Category Leaders

Research shows that only about 40% of consulting projects create value for the client organisation and that the specific capabilities of the consulting team are the key determinant of this. Until now, buyers of consulting services could only rely on the general reputation of consulting companies when sourcing a project team.

The WhoKnowsAbout rankings allow buyers to identify the firms and individual consultants that have the specific expertise required, offering a much more reliable track to securing value through consulting projects.

[1] - Companies with greater than 20 employees

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