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Most Management Consulting Projects Fail. Will Yours?

Less than forty percent of management consulting projects provide a positive return on investment for the client. Ten percent of projects fail outright.

Why are the returns so low?

Because most clients select the consultants they know, not the ones they need with the required expertise.

As a result clients often pay too much for consulting services. They rely on the large consulting firms with whom they have a "relationship" and fail to seek out the smaller firms who can offer similar expertise at lower prices.

Now there is a better way to buy management consulting services.

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Connecting buyers of consulting services with the best management consultants

Increase your network by more than 500,000 individual consultants from more than 10,000 major consulting companies.

From the major global brands to local boutiques and independent consultants, you will find the best consulting expertise on WhoKnowsAbout.

Using machine learning and carefully constructed algorithms, we have ranked each consultant so that you can easily find those with the specific expertise you require.

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You will achieve better business results, often at lower cost.

Access all the best firms and independent consultants, locally and globally.

We can help you increase your return on consulting investment by up to 30%

To get the optimal outcomes from your consulting engagement, we can assist you to Identify, Assess and Engage the consultants who will make your project a success:


  • Define Your Project Objectives and Investment Case
  • Establish Consultant Selection Criteria
  • Provide Shortlist of Qualified Consultants from our Global Expertise Database


  • Conduct Detailed Review of Consultants' Capabilities
  • Obtain and Evaluate Proposals (Technical and Commercial Elements)


  • Structure Contracting Arrangements
  • Monitor Project Progress and Deliverables
  • Administer Performance Fees
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Why WhoKnowsAbout?

We have developed the only comprehensive global database of management consulting expertise.

We’ve researched the capabilities of more than 500,000 individual consultants, covering the largest international firms, local boutique companies and independent consultants.

Using sophisticated machine learning techniques, each consultant has been scored against 7,000 knowledge areas in 15 industry sectors (e.g. Healthcare, Financial Services) and 15 topic areas (e.g. Data Analytics & AI, Sourcing & Supply Chain).

We can help you quickly and efficiently find the consultants with the specific experience and capabilities required for a successful project.

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We've Helped These Major Organizations

These major organisations have discovered how WhoKnowsAbout can help them identify the management consultants who have the expertise they require to make their projects a success.

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